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Happy Marian Xin Lei Kindergarten establishes itself in Shanghai as an international kindergarten. It is located downtown easily accessible. Xin Lei has employed Happy Marian Teaching System for nearly 5 years, which lay emphasis on the integration of eastern and western culture, full day supervision by Chinese and foreign teachers and total immersion in an English world. Happy Marian arranges one Chinese class of Shanghai course style in the afternoon and enables children to acquire two language abilities naturally as well as the development of 8 other major intelligences (language, math and logic, vision and space, body movement, music, interpersonal skills, manners, inner insight). All our foreign teachers consist of multiple years of teaching experience with legal foreign expertise permit and qualification. We maintain a stable and professional attitude towards our employees and students while creating an enjoyable and fun learning environment.

Happy Marian Xin Lei Kindergarten has a colorful façade, with a spacious and wonderful environment, complete teaching facilities, beautiful show room, math logic rooms, library, structure rooms and labor rooms. Students participate in a progressive, creative and nurturing environment specifically designed to foster development of positive behavior, an appreciation of learning, respect and caring for self and others, sense of belonging and social responsibility. Through our curriculums, students are made aware of the challenges they face in the global village and multicultural societies we live in today.
Once one parent introduces his friend to us: ‘If you want to make your children happy, come to Happy Marian!’, which is the testimonial of many parents. The excellence and study effects are trained in an enjoyable and natural environment. If the first teaching experience is enjoyable, children will not be afraid of learning, or think of learning as painful and dull, but into an interesting gateway of a life-time learning experience.

Each year our students graduate with great performance, especially in English abilities. They have little difficulty in the application of primary schools and face multiple options. Happy Marian Xin Lei kindergarten provides an authentic international pre school environment and academic experience that effectively prepares international and local students, equipping them with the necessary qualifications and skills for further education in Shanghai diverse schools, so far including Shanghai American international school, Yew Chung international school, Singapore international school, British international school, Shanghai Foreign Language Primary School, Rui Jin Primary School, Ai Ju Primary School and Bao Yu Gang Primary School.


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